IMM Estimator

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Copyright 2015 Roger R Labbe Jr.

FilterPy library.

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class filterpy.kalman.IMMEstimator(filters, mu, M)[source]

Implements an Interacting Multiple-Model (IMM) estimator.


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Crassidis, J and Junkins, J. “Optimal Estimation of Dynamic Systems”. CRC Press, second edition. 2012.

Labbe, R. “Kalman and Bayesian Filters in Python”.


See my book Kalman and Bayesian Filters in Python

__init__(filters, mu, M)[source]

” Create an IMM estimator from a list of filters.


filters : (N,) array_like of KalmanFilter objects

List of N filters. filters[i] is the ith Kalman filter in the IMM estimator.

mu : (N,) ndarray of float

mode probability: mu[i] is the probability that filter i is the correct one.

M : (N,N) ndarray of float

Markov chain transition matrix. M[i,j] is the probability of switching from filter j to filter i.

update(z, u=None)[source]

Add a new measurement (z) to the Kalman filter. If z is None, nothing is changed.


z : np.array

measurement for this update.

u : np.array, optional

u[i] contains the control input for the ith filter